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Norm 3/8 inch Single Cellular Light Filtering & Semi-Opaque

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Norm 3_8 inch single cell is a light filtering fabric with energy efficiency. Cellular shade in a spunlace soft fabric. Cords can be ordered for standard bottom up if you chose by telling so in the order contents(not recommended)As well as corded top down bottom up corded(not recommended)Norm offers the largest variety of cord or cordless options. All products come with color coordinated hardware.

NOW CORDLESS IS STANDARD These shades have a wide variety of colors available to match any decor. The blinds are noted for their thermal protection in both the summer and winter seasons. The cellular shade bonding material is warranted for as long as you own the blind and the new cordless and cord loop options are available on larger blinds.
Norman as of 1-1-16 is charging freight on all their orders.

Check out the NEW INNOVATIVE Smart release cord control option!
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A new safety standard has been taken into effect limiting the manufacturing of corded blinds in response to fears they could injure or kill children and/or pets by strangulation.
Starting December 15 2018, most products must either be cordless or have shorter, inaccessible cords. Cords will be made 1/3 of the ordered height of the blind, but custom length cords can be requested at the time of order. To avoid order questions, if you need longer cords especially for higher windows, please specify the length controls that will work for you in the order comments box.


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Specify your measurements
-Mount Options
For Inside Mount, manufacturers will take the proper deduction. For Inside Mount, measure top middle and bottom width and provide smallest measurement here. For Outside Mount, manufacturers will NOT deduct.
Control options
Cordless is standard on all Norman blinds offered on our site, you have the upgrade option of chosing motorized, top down bottom up and cord loop. These options vary in price and change from the normal standard function of the blind from the bottom to the top cordlessly.
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Cordless Accessories
Hold Downs (N/A with Smartfit Option)
Hold Down Brackets are meant for holding down the bottom rails so that the blind doesn't bang on the door after mounting.
Label Blind by Room
Multiple Blinds on one Headrail
Special Instructions & Notes


Specification and install guide

Norm Honeycomb Program Highlights

?Includes 6 honeycomb cell sizes: 3/8” Single, 3/4” Single, 3/4” Double, 1 ¼” Single, and introducing 9/16” Single and 1/2” Double

?SmartFit™ is available in all cell sizes. (Excluding OM for 3/4” Double and OM for 1 ¼” Single)

?Fabrics come in 3 Opacity Levels: Sheer, Light Filtering*and Room Darkening*For 9/16” Single Cell fabrics that are labeled as Light Filteringplease note that these particular fabrics may appear slightly more opaque than other LF fabrics found in other cell sizes.



Features Benefits

Sleeker, Stronger Headrail

•Light yet extremely sturdy with color coordination to the fabric•Sleek and space-saving profile•Resilient components for worry-free operation

Unique D-Cell Structure

•Creates perfect pleats for long-lasting beauty•Remarkable strength even in hot, sunny or humid climates

Various Cell Sizes, Light Control Options and Colors

•3/8” single, 1/2" double, 3/4" single, 3/4" double ,1 ¼” single, and  9/16” Single•Offered in Sheer, Light Filtering, Semi-Opaque and Room Darkening for light and privacy control•Flame resistant fabrics and designer prints available
Child Safe & Flame Resistant •Cordless lift system provides a safer option
•Patented child and pet safe cord release device
•Flame resistant fabrics available for added peace of mind
Cordless: Easy to operate and eliminates cords for added beauty and safety.

Standard Cord:Offers  smooth and consistent ease of operation.

Top-Down Bottom-Up (Corded & Cordless): Adjust your lighting preference and control your privacy level by lowering shades from the top to let in natural light, or raising them from the bottom like a traditional shade.

SmartFit™: Tight fit on French doors and sloped windows to minimize light privacy
Superior Lift Systems

Cord Loop: Features unique clutch  system making raising and lowering easier. Available in standard cord loop, Top Down and Day/Night

SmartRelease™: Allows the shade to be released or lowered from an upward position with a gentle pull.

Patio Door Vertical Honeycomb Shades: Perfect solution for sliding doors or large windows

Norman Lift systems

Norman size restrictions

• Soft to the touch advanced fabric with added thickness for superior insulation

• Neutral color to the street side for an uniformed look

• Easy to clean and maintain


Various Colors • Vibrant colors to match any home decor


Warranty • 5-year limited warranty



Regular Price:
Sales Price
Colors Available


Width: 24 inches
Height: 36 inches

-Mount Options

Control options

Cordless Accessories

Hold Downs (N/A with Smartfit Option)

Label Blind by Room

Multiple Blinds on one Headrail