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How to Measure

How to Measure your Windows for Proper Blind Installation

This page offers GUIDELINES for most products listed. It is strictly a guide. Manufacturers can change specs at any time. If needed, please call or email us for the most current  measuring instructions for your exact product prior to ordering. We would be happy to email those documnets to you.


  • Use a steel measuring tape for accuracy
  • Measure Width and write it down, then Height and write it down
  • Measure to the nearest 1/8 of an inch (lesser of the measures for inside mount)
  • NEVER take your own deductions. The factory will take necessary deductions and allowances.
  • RECHECK all measurements
  • On an inside mount (inside window opening), check depth requirement for product you are buying. When in doubt,email or call us. We can email you the product specs to help you. Outside mount always check for any items that might be too close for clearances.
  • If you have any mounting depth concerns or outside concerns, please be sure you call CUSTOMER SERVICE at 1-800-836-4488 PRIOR TO ORDERING for information on the product.
  • CHECK, CALL, RESEARCH specifications. Custom products can have many specifications and unfortunately, we can not post all details for the thousands of products we offer. Most manufacturer websites or sample books offer many details. So, please ask for product specs and we are happy to send you an email with all info your need to measure properly..Please request this information prior to ordering Customer's are ultimately responsible for their measurements, installation, and product choice.

Inside Mount:

For all types of shades (shutter instructions may vary - call Customer Service or e-mail us for more info):

Width - Take the exact window opening measurement to the nearest 1/8 of an inch.  It is important to measure the top, middle and bottom sections. Remember, not all windows are perfect, even in new homes! Take the smallest of the widths that you measure. Important: if the smallest measurement is at the bottom section, you still need to provide the smallest measurement.  Please See "More Measuring Tips.." below for DEPTH instruction for wood blinds and faux woods. This will explain the "inside mount with returns" option. NOTE: Roller shade fabric always comes about 1 1/8" less than the ordered width of the shade. This is the nature of a roller shade style of shade (the tube of fabric will always come less than the tip to tip or cassette hardware. With Inside mount roller shades, there is no way to avoid gapping between wall/window frame and edges of material.

Height - When measuring the height, always measure in 3 places across the window. Take the longest of the three measurements.

NOTE: The factory takes deductions on all Inside Mount headrails and products according to the manufacturer specifications.

Fabrics are usually less than headrail size after deductions are taken. With respect to the sheer horizontal shade the fabric may be 5/8" inch narrow on one side and 1/2" on the other depending on particular product ordered. Roller shades have generally large deductions due to the make of the product (roller and hardware) - PLEASE CALL FOR SPECIFIC FABRIC AND TUBE DEDUCTIONS. Fabric is usually minimally - 1 1/8" or more from ordered width on inside mount and can vary for an Outside Mount depending on what type of roller shade you order.

NOTE:  Rollers: Due to the narrow fabric that results with a standard spring roller cordless shade, cassette and cord loops, deductions vary on these products. Call us before ordering for specs!

NOTE: Sheer Horizontals:  An inside mount will come 1 1/8" less than ordered width. There will be some gapping on the sides of the product. This is because the product is made to roll inside its headrail. This is the only way an inside mount sheer horizontal is made by ALL manufacturers.

Outside Mount:

Outside mount products are either mounted to the surface of the trim (window casing) outside of the window opening or on the wall surface above opening or casing.

Width - Measure the exact width to be covered. Be sure the measurement overlaps the window opening by at least 1 ½" on each side (3" total overlap) to ensure light control and privacy. Some products have deductions even if they are an outside mount. Deductions vary with each type of product. If you have any questions on the various deductions, contact us for help PRIOR TO ORDERING!

Measure the exact height from the outer edge of the top of the molding to the top of the window sill or to the exact finished length desired. Measure the height in 3 places (the right side, middle and left side of the window) and round the measurement up to the nearest 1/8 inch. If you are not mounting to the trim or you do not have trim, please call us for each product spec and we can help you with your measurement.

NOTE: For Outside mount Solar Shades or Roller Shades, please keep in mind the fabric on roll is always about 1 1/8" less than the width you order due to the nature of a roller shade and allowances needed for control hardware and mounting brackets. You may want to add accordingly for proper coverage especially if you are using for room darkening coverage in a bedroom.

NOTE: For Soft Sheer Horizontal Shades, Outside Mount for soft horizontal sheers MUST be ordered 1.5" wider than the window opening for the fabric to be large enough to completely cover. This product rolls inside the headrail, the fabric is smaller in width than the headrail width.

NOTE: For Vertical Blinds, for full coverage, it is recommended to add to the outside frame to frame measurement. If outside mounting and you have a frame or trim, add 3 inches past the edge of the trim on both sides (total of 6 inches from outside edge of trim to opposite side of outside edge of trim)

Height - When measuring the height, an outside mount product will come the height you order from the top of the headrail of the product to the bottom of the bottom rail. It is important to understand that the height includes headrail, material and bottom rails.

NOTE: For Vertical Blinds, If mounting above the trim on the wall, you will need to add 2 inches to the height so that you have enough space to mount the brackets above the trim. Vertical blind brackets need 2 inches of surface area to mount to. Be sure you allot for this in your Outside measurement. Call us for help or further instructions. NOTE***** IF YOU ARE ORDERING A NEW VERTICAL BLIND FROM A VERTICAL PRODUCT YOU ALREADY HAVE - YOUR NEW ORDER MUST INCLUDE THE MEASUREMENT FROM THE TOP OF YOUR EXISTING RAIL TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR VANES. CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS.

NOTE: For Solar and Rollers the manufacturer will always add a few inches to be sure there is proper coverage. On spring cordless, customers can always stop the length at any height desired.

MORE Measuring Instructions And Helpful Hints.....

DEPTH for Horizontal products:

If you do not have exact inside mount flush depth required for the product you are ordering, the product will stick out - especially with wood blinds and horizontal sheer products. For WOOD BLINDS, you can hide the top rail and brackets on a non-flush inside mount by simply ordering your valance(s) with returns (Shallow Mount Valance With Returns).  This is an option for all of our wood and faux wood products.We DO NOT charge for this request if done at time of order. The returns will cover the hardware and go back toward the edge of the molding. You may need to trim off excess wood on the returns or you may specify the exact size of return needed in the order comment field. INSIDE MOUNT VALANCES DO NOT COME WITH RETURNS - THEY COME AS ONE FLAT PIECE OF VALANCE MATERIAL.


French Doors:

French doors are a little tricky. Most French Doors have a "trim" that goes around the outside of the glass. You will need to measure outside of that molding (trim) and add 2 inches total (if possible - depending on your handle placement). This means 1" coverage on each side past your trim. Measure the same outside door trim top to bottom and add 4 inches total to that measurement. Be sure to ask for the free Hold Down brackets so the blind doesn't move when the door is in use AND also ask for spacers. These are used to extend the product out when installing so it does not interfere with trim/handles/etc.

Side Mounts:

We do not recommend a side mount for any blind over 48 inches in width. We highly recommend that you speak to or e-mail our customer service before ordering a side mount. Some products can not be side mounted and there are sizing issues you need to know prior to ordering.

Special Matching Patterns/Alignment:

Anytime you are ordering window treatments for the same room/window note that fact in the order comment field of your order. The manufacturer will make every attempt to match patterns and align slats/folds/etc if within their ability. This also applies to side by side window applications. Please note: though they make every attempt to align similar products of same size and height, some manufacturers do not promise alignment.

Side By Side Alignment:

If you are ordering products that are side by side and need pattern or fold alignment, please specify this in your order comments. Not all products guarantee alignment even if they are the same height. However most manufacturers do try to match the products to the best of their ability if notified. This MUST be noted at time of order.


For any questions, please call Customer Service BEFORE placing your order and we will be happy to help!