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Our Brand PH 2 inch Cordless Faux Wood

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Blinds Express Cordless 2 Inch cordless Poly Faux Woods. Wand tilt left side only. Slats available routed only. This advanced poly is easy to clean and maintain. These blinds combine the traditional warmth and feel of real wood with advanced engineering technology to provide a lifetime of beauty, performance, and extraordinary value.

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Hold Downs
Hold Down Brakets are meant for holding down the bottom rails so that the blind doesnt bang on the door after mounting.
Label Blind by Room
Mount Options
Inside Mount manufacturers will take .5 deduction from this measurement.Outside Mount-manufacturers will not deduct.Exact measure means the rail will come exactly what you want the rail to be.No deductions of any type.
Tilt mechanism
Special Instructions & Notes
Cordless 2" Faux Wood Specs
• PVC Headrail
• Valance included
• 2" Slats
• Wand Tilt
• Comes in colors White
Minimum/Maximum Sizes:
Width: Minimum 18”W - Maximum 72”W
Length: Minimum 24”L - Maximum 72”L
Standard Factory Deductions:
Outside Mount: NONE
Inside Mount: 3/8" deduction (3/16" each side)
Colors Available:
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Colors Available


Width: 24 inches
Height: 36 inches

Hold Downs

Label Blind by Room

Mount Options

Tilt mechanism