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Our Brand MAR 2 inch Faux Wood

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Our Brand 2" Faux Wood blinds are made with pvc composite material. The slats can have a smooth, textured, sandblasted or realgrain look and come in several colors. The sandblasted textured slat has a wider grain than the standard textured slat which has a more realistic wood grain-look. 1 1/2" Cloth tapes are available for accent color if desired, only on 2" slats. These blinds are warranted to keep their color and prevent warping for as long as our customer(s) own the product. Cording is warranted for a period of three years, after one year the customer is responsible for shipping to manufacturer for cording replacement. Please note: plastic valance clips are standard, however, if you are using this product in a bedroom the magnetic valance clips help with light gaps at the top of these blinds.

A new safety standard has been taken into effect limiting the manufacturing of corded blinds in response to fears they could injure or kill children and/or pets by strangulation.
Starting December 15 2018, most products must either be cordless or have shorter, inaccessible cords. Cords will be made 1/3 of the ordered height of the blind, but custom length cords can be requested at the time of order. To avoid order questions, if you need longer cords especially for higher windows, please specify the length controls that will work for you in the order comments box.

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Mount Options
CAUTION: If you do not have 3" of space to mount this product you will need to order returns for your valance in inches in the comment section
Common Valance
Add Magnetic Valance Upgrade
Hold Down Brackets
Hold down brackets are used for holding a product in place. Usually used on door applications so the product does not move when the door is in use
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Valance Return Options
Valances cover the top of the headrail to give a more professional look. If you have 3.5 inches of depth for this install you will need no valance returns. Valance returns are small 45 degree cut pieces that go back to your wall and cover any protruding hardware from the side of the window. Rule of thumb is measure your depth and deduct that depth measure from 3 inches and order a return for that difference in depth. This will cover the ugly mounting hardware from the the side view.
Label Blind by Room
Control Mechanism
Tape Colors (2" slats only; N/A w/cordless, routeless and/or same side controls)
Colors that are portrayed on this site are monitor sensitive and we can not be responsible for variances in monitors. Customers must see the color either locally or with the samples that we can provide.
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Standard Valance
Crown Valance comes standard on this blind.
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Routeless Slats (N/A w/1" slats, cordless and/or tapes)
Special Instructions & Notes

Our Brand Synthetic Wood Blinds
2” Slats

Synthetic Blinds are heavier and less rigid than wood blinds. Synthetic wood slats, bottomrails, and valances can be as much as 80% heavier than basswood.

2" Synthtic Blinds are Flame Retardant. Made from 100% PVC with UV Protection.

General Specification Information – Applies to all synthetic wood product lines

  • Slats, valance, bottom rail, cord tassels and plugs are color coordinated to match.
  • Minimum width for single blind is 8” net width. Blinds made with a net width less than 9.5" are subject to a $15 surcharge and are not covered by our warranty.
  • Maximum width for single blind is 96” net width.
  • 2” x 2” Standard Headrail.
  • Mounting hardware is included. Mounting brackets are hinged, open boxes that can mount from the side, top or back of the window. Hold downs, spacer blocks and extensions brackets are included upon request.
  • Inside mount blinds – headrail and slats made 0.5” smaller than width ordered.
  • Outside mount blinds – headrail and slats made to exact width ordered.
  • Standard IB valance is 0.375” larger than the headrail or 0.125” less than the ordered width.
  • Standard OB valance size varies by product. All valance measurements will be the widest point on the face of the valance.
  • Wand tilter is a clutch-type, dies-cast helical gear driven by a one piece die-cast worm gear in a polymer housing. Only available on blinds up to 30 sq. ft.
  • Cord tilter is a drum type, helical gear driven by a worm enclosed casing.
  • Wands are color coordinated to match slats up to 60”. Clear lucite wands are available in 54” and 72” upon request. PVC wands are included with all white blinds.
  • Tapes drums are heavy duty nylon plastic.
  • Tilt rod is solid steel with a corrosion-resistant finish.
  • Lift Cord is polyester. Ladder, tapes and cord designed to meet or exceed commercial item specification
  • Cord and End Lock is steel with zinc coating.

 These Blinds are approximately 80% heavier than Basswood Blinds. The slats are very flexible and require additional support with closer ladder spacing and shorter end-routes.

  • The face of a standard OB valance will be 2” larger than the headrail width. Returns will be 3.125” and mitre-cut.
  • Available with Decorative Cloth Tapes. Blinds will be entered with normal string ladders unless otherwise specified. We do not recommend that Decorative Cloth Tape be used on this product.
  • Available with Routeless Construction. Standard Headrail only.
  • RollEase Continuous Cord Lift System is not available.


String Ladder Chart
Net Blind Size End Route
Controls # of Ladders  # of Cords (Routes)
8" - 13.375" 3" Center Tilt, no Lift 2 2
13.5" - 15" 3.5" Opposite Side only 2 2
15.125" - 20" 4.5" Opposite Side only 2 2
20.125" - 22" 5.5" L/R, R/L, L/L, R/R 2 2
22.125 - 33" 5.5" L/R, R/L, L/L, R/R 3 2
33.125" - 44" 5.5" L/R, R/L, L/L, R/R 4 2
44.125" - 55" 5.5" L/R, R/L, L/L, R/R 5 4
55.125" - 66" 5.5" L/R, R/L, L/L, R/R 6 4
66.125" - 77" 5.5" L/R, R/L, L/L, R/R 7 4
77.125" - 88" 5.5" L/R, R/L, L/L, R/R 8 4
88.125" - 96" 5.5" L/R, R/L, L/L, R/R 9 4
Maximum space between ladders is 11"      

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Width: 24 inches
Height: 36 inches

Mount Options

Common Valance

Add Magnetic Valance Upgrade

Hold Down Brackets

Valance Return Options

Label Blind by Room

Control Mechanism

Tape Colors (2" slats only; N/A w/cordless, routeless and/or same side controls)

Standard Valance

Routeless Slats (N/A w/1" slats, cordless and/or tapes)