Comfortex Baritone Sunset Arch 3/4 inch cell Light Filtering Collection

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Template is required for this shade unless it is a perfect arch.Call for more information prior to ordering.Sunset arches have horizontal pleats that stack at the bottom on a stationary sill rail. Operated by a continuous cord that runs through a top mount guide block and back down through the stationary rail. Pole is used to raise up and down.This is a black out fabric.

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Comfortex cellular shades

Cellular Specialty Designs are custom made and offer the same grace and same good looks as all Comfortex cellular shades.

Round, octagon, arches or trapezoids, no matter what shape your window, there is a cellular shade to fit it perfectly.

Sunset Movable Arch Shades

Sunset® Movable Arch Shades
This exclusive shade comes in a variety of tension cord formats so even the most narrow of eyebrow arches can be beautifully covered yet easily manipulated.


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Measuring Arch windows takes great care and some additional expectations from our Manufacturers. Non-prefect arches will need a template. Please call us or more information.

Template info: Templates must be traced on brown kraft paper .
The template needs to duplicate the inside or outside installation space. The front of the template should be labeled front. The base needs to be labeled in inches and the height needs to be labeled in inches.
Label the front of the template exactly the manufacturer, Style of blind(ie moveable arch), quality of blind(ie symphony 3/8 double cell) and color name and number.

Please call in or wait for our Customer Service Staff to contact you. You will need a specialty work order number to apply to the template and the order prior to mailing the template in to Comfortex. Once you have that, you can ship directly to:
Comfortex/ Arch Template
21 Elm Street
Maplewood, NY 12189
The template should be rolled carefully and send in a safe tube.


Installation instuctions