Comfortex Symphony Stationary Starburst 3/8 inch double Cell Blackout

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

**This product is available only as perfect half circle arch** Do not order if height of arch is not exactly half the width. Make sure radius of arch remains constant to ensure a proper fit. Comfortex Symphony Stationary Starburst Blackout is for Stationary arch, fabric fans out and does not move. Attaches to the bottom of the window casement.

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Blackout Comfortex cellular shades. This product has a white backing to it.

These arch shades do not move, they are afixed and stationary.

Comprehensive Stationary Starburst Specificatons

Gardenia 3200 View Larger
Snow Cap 3201 View Larger
Almond 3206 View Larger
Sea Mist 3459 View Larger
Latte 3224 View Larger
Princess Pink 3480 View Larger
Muslin 3202 View Larger
Buttermilk 3208 View Larger
Raffia 3214 View Larger
Cinnamon 3467 View Larger
Wheat 3462 View Larger
Golden Rod 3468 View Larger
Cypress 3465 View Larger
Marina 3257 View Larger
Midnight Blue 3463 View Larger
Coffee Bean 3469 View Larger
Night Sky 3499 View Larger

Measuring Arch windows takes great care and some additional expectations from our Manufacturers. Non-prefect arches will need a template. Please call us or more information.

Template info: Templates must be traced on brown kraft paper .
The template needs to duplicate the inside or outside installation space. The front of the template should be labeled front. The base needs to be labeled in inches and the height needs to be labeled in inches.
Label the front of the template exactly the manufacturer, Style of blind(ie moveable arch), quality of blind(ie symphony 3/8 double cell) and color name and number.

Please call in or wait for our Customer Service Staff to contact you. You will need a specialty work order number to apply to the template and the order prior to mailing the template in to Comfortex. Once you have that, you can ship directly to:
Comfortex/ Arch Template
21 Elm Street
Maplewood, NY 12189
The template should be rolled carefully and send in a safe tube.


Installation instuctions