Bali Sliding Panels Natural Woven Wood shade material Style Sensation

Bali blinds presents Sensation is a new introduction of small tubed bamboo and 1/8 inch round reeds in very natural colors. EDGE BANDING COLOR MUST BE CHOSEN FOR ALL NATURAL SLIDING PANELS. Critical info: Inside Mount manufacturers will take .3/8 deduction from width and length-natural material without valance 1 inch, with valance - 1.375, with projection brkts 1.375, Roller,Solar and roman material without val. -.5, with valance 5/8. with projections 7/8. Outside Mount manufacturers will not deduct. Wooden cornices are now available on this product.

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Bali Blinds Sliding Natural Shade Panels

Sliding Panels provide coordinated coverings for wide windows, patio doors or room dividers using Roller Shade, Solar Shade, Roman Sahde or Natural Shade materials. A redesigned, rust-resistant aluminum track system lets you choose the number of tracks based on the needs of your space, automatically sizing the panels (narrower or wider) based on the selection. The new design also features the leading panel in the front and the stationary panel in the back for easier opening and better clearance of window obstructions.

  • Wand Control
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    Durable plastic wand smoothly opens and closes Sliding Panels. Available with Spliced Blinds.

    Note: The design now features the leading panel to be in the front position and the stationary panel in the back position for easier opening and better clearance of window obstructions.

  • Cord Control
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    Reliable cord control makes opening and closing Sliding Panels absolutely effortless. Cord control is not available with Spliced Blinds.


  • Left Draw, Stack Right
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    Sliding Panels open from left and panels stack on the right.

  • Right Draw, Stack Left
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    Sliding Panels open from right and panels stack on the left.

  • Split Draw
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    Sliding Panels open in the middle and panels stack on both the left and the right.

Spliced Blinds

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Spliced blinds are an excellent option for homes or apartments where narrow hallways, stairwells or elevators make it difficult to move wide shades. Available on 4 and 5 track headrails and with wand control only. Additional cost, except for shades over 192", first splice is no charge.

  • Square Corner Valance For Roller, Solar and Roman Materials
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    Square-corner valance is coordinated with your window treatment by inserting matching fabric into a PVC Stay-Clear™ Channel Panel. Valances up to 192" wide are available should you choose to cover multiple shades with a single valance. Fabric will not be continuous in these instances. Only available in Roller, Solar and Roman materials.

  • Self Valance For Natural Shade Materials
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    This 6" Natural Shade valance includes attractive edge banding on the sides and bottom. Available up to 192" wide to cover multiple shades with a single valance (fabric will not be continuous in these instances). Only available in Natural Shade materials.

Fabric Edge Banding For Natural Shade Materials

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Accent your Sliding Panels with edge banding to add bold definition. Choose 2" edge banding for a traditional look. Choose 1" edge banding for contemporary appeal. Available with Sliding Panels in Natural Shade materials only.

Liners For Natural Shade Materials

  • Privacy Liner
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    Add a privacy liner to Natural Shade materials to improve privacy and light control in dining rooms, living rooms and other semiprivate areas. Available in four neutral colors to provide a unified exterior appearance. Privacy liners are the same color front and back.

  • Room Darkening Liner
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    Add a room darkening liner to Natural Shade materials for maximum privacy and light control. Room darkening liners prevent objects from appearing even as silhouettes from outside. All room darkening liners are neutral to the street side for a unified exterior appearance.

Hem Types

  • Standard Hem For Natural Shade Materials
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    A standard hem finishes your Sliding Panel with a clean edge and prevents fraying without drawing attention away from the natural beauty of your Sliding Panel.

    Fabric Edge Banding is the Standard Hem for Sliding Panels with Natural Shade materials. Sliding Panels with Roller, Solar and Roman Shade materials are standard with a fabric-wrapped hembar.

  • Wood Hem Bar For Natural Shade Materials
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    Add a wood hem bar for a natural finishing touch that protects the bottom edge of your Sliding Panel from wear. Available in warm finishes that coordinate perfectly with our wood valances and cornices. Only available on Sliding Panels in Natural Shade materials.


Click here for Comprehensive Bali Sliding Panel Blind Specifications

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Tips To Remember:

Use a steel measuring tape
Round down to the nearest 1/8" for width
Round up to the nearest 1/8" for height
See Product Specifications for more specific product info.
Sizes should always be provided in this format: Width x Height
On any measurement given, the factory does have a +/- 1/8 of an inch variance allowance.

Measure For Panel Track Blinds

Measure Depth: See chart on next page to determine if window casing has enough depth for an inside-mount window treatment.

Inside Mount:
Measure Width: Measure the inside width of window casing in three places. Record narrowest measurement.
Measure Height: Measure the inside height from the top of window casing to top of sill (or to the floor for patio doors) in three places.
Record shortest measurement.
Note: Do not take any deductions for clearance. The manufacturer will take necessary deductions for a perfect fit.
Measure Width: Measure width to be covered. We recommend 3" overlap on each side (6" total) for optimum light control and privacy.
Manufacturer will deduct .5 inches from width and height.


Outside Mount

Record measurement. If you want the entire window uncovered when the shade is fully open, you will need to add more than 3" to the width.
Determine Headrail Location: Determine headrail mounting position and mark the spot.
Measure Height: Measure height to be covered from top of headrail location to bottom edge or top of sill if there is one. Record measurement.
Allow 3" for adequate mounting area above the window. If shade extends to the floor (i.e. to cover a patio door), measure height from the headrail
to the floor, and deduct ½" for Roller, Solar and Roman Shade fabrics, or 1" for Natural Shade materials in order for the panels to clear the floor.
Note: The manufacturer makes NO deductions on outside-mount installations.

Comprehensive Measuring instruction ......Details

Installation Instructions