Bali Natural Woven Wood Highpoint Sliding Panels

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Bali blinds presents Highpoint is a new introduction with braided reed and stitched grasses in neutral shades of brown-grey-natural and beige. EDGE BANDING COLOR MUST BE CHOSEN FOR ALL NATURAL SLIDING PANELS. Critical info: Inside Mount manufacturers will take .3/8 deduction from width and length-natural material without valance 1 inch, with valance - 1.375, with projection brkts 1.375, Roller,Solar and roman material without val. -.5, with valance 5/8. with projections 7/8. Outside Mount manufacturers will not deduct. Wooden cornices are now available on this product.

A new safety standard has been taken into effect limiting the manufacturing of corded blinds in response to fears they could injure or kill children and/or pets by strangulation.
Starting December 15 2018, most products must either be cordless or have shorter, inaccessible cords. Cords will be made 1/3 of the ordered height of the blind, but custom length cords can be requested at the time of order. To avoid order questions, if you need longer cords especially for higher windows, please specify the length controls that will work for you in the order comments box.

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Bali Blinds Sliding Natural Shade Panels

  •   Bali Sliding Panel shade

    Move over, vertical blinds—there’s a new game in town. Bali Sliding Panels provide a sleek, contemporary alternative to vertical blinds or drapery as a wide window solution. Available in an array of materials from our solar, roller, classic Roman, and natural shade collections, custom sliding panels have something to offer every design sensibility.

    Get to know the great benefits of this contemporary style:

    • Easy functionality. Sliding panels break the traditional window treatment mold while offering the same style and functionality you’ve come to expect.
    • Personalized design. With your choice of material, color, pattern, and texture, think of our sliding panels as a blank canvas for your original design. Maybe you want a fabric sliding panel in a colorful print, or maybe you crave the sophistication of a woven wood sliding panel. Whatever you choose, top off your creation with a customized deco-trim valance for that oh-so-you finishing touch.
    • Low maintenance. Cordless and easy to clean, sliding panels take the hassle out of your day and make your home safer for your kids and pets.

    For an unexpected design twist, you can even use sliding panels as a stylish room divider or closet door.


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    Cord & ChangeCord and chain control

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Click here for Comprehensive Bali Sliding Panel Blind Specifications

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Tips To Remember:

Use a steel measuring tape
Round down to the nearest 1/8" for width
Round up to the nearest 1/8" for height
See Product Specifications for more specific product info.
Sizes should always be provided in this format: Width x Height
On any measurement given, the factory does have a +/- 1/8 of an inch variance allowance.

Measure For Panel Track Blinds

Measure Depth: See chart on next page to determine if window casing has enough depth for an inside-mount window treatment.

Inside Mount:
Measure Width: Measure the inside width of window casing in three places. Record narrowest measurement.
Measure Height: Measure the inside height from the top of window casing to top of sill (or to the floor for patio doors) in three places.
Record shortest measurement.
Note: Do not take any deductions for clearance. The manufacturer will take necessary deductions for a perfect fit.
Manufacturer will deduct .5 inches from width and height.


Outside Mount

Record measurement. If you want the entire window uncovered when the shade is fully open, you will need to add more than 3" to the width.
Determine Headrail Location: Determine headrail mounting position and mark the spot.
Measure Height: Measure height to be covered from top of headrail location to bottom edge or top of sill if there is one. Record measurement.
Allow 3" for adequate mounting area above the window. If shade extends to the floor (i.e. to cover a patio door), measure height from the headrail
to the floor, and deduct ½" for Roller, Solar and Roman Shade fabrics, or 1" for Natural Shade materials in order for the panels to clear the floor.
Note: The manufacturer makes NO deductions on outside-mount installations.

Comprehensive Measuring instruction ......Details

Installation Instructions