Bali DiamondCell Double Cell 3/8 Inch Northern Lights Verticell

Bali's VertiCell shades the perfect application for patio doors, wide windows and room dividers. This blind is vertical sliding cellular shades that features a sliding fabric that is attached rail that slides across a rail. Northern Lights Double Cell is a semi-opaque fabric which allows light to filter into the room and provides privacy; objects in a lighted room appear only as vague shapes. Deep colors darken a room; light colors diffuse light. Northern Lights is a spunlace fabric which is soft to the touch.

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Stacking is 13.25 on most verticells.

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Bali Vertical Cells specifications

Bali verticell blind and shade  
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Wide Window Solutions

Cover wide windows in style.

Bali Vertical Blinds provide a comprehensive selection of sheer, fabric and vinyl solutions for wide windows and patio doors.

  • Vinyl Vertical blinds match 2" Vinyl Horizontal blinds for a total-room solution.
  • Select Traditional Verticals blind fabrics coordinate with Pleated, Solar, Roller and Roman shade fabrics.
Other stylish alternatives are also available, including Sliding Panels, Natural Drapes, VertiCellCellular Shades or Wood Vertical blinds.
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NL-Biscuit 2409 View Larger
NL-Bluebell 2420 View Larger
NL-Camel 2454 View Larger
NL-Fawn 2404 View Larger
NL-Fern Green 2450 View Larger
NL-Fresh Lilac 2480 View Larger
NL-Glacier 2475 View Larger
NL-Haze 2407 View Larger
Clay Beige 2432 View Larger
NL-Oregano 2476 View Larger
NL-Pistachio Cream 2464 View Larger
NL-Popcorn 2403 View Larger
NL-Raffia 2457 View Larger
NL-Rose Beige 2408 View Larger
Blush 2421 View Larger
NL-Rose Haze 2440 View Larger
NL-Summer Squash 2477 View Larger
NL-Vanilla 2410 View Larger
NL-Palm Breeze 2496 View Larger
Barley 2453 View Larger
Cotton 2401 View Larger
Frost 2402 View Larger
Spa Blue 2499 View Larger
Bayberry 2429 View Larger
Navy 2489 View Larger
Athens Blue 2422 View Larger
Bayberry 2429 View Larger
Brown 2491 View Larger
Charcoal 2433 View Larger
Cherry 2497 View Larger
Chili Pepper 2493 View Larger
Falcon 2423 View Larger
Galway 2492 View Larger
Greenhouse 2498 View Larger
Squirrel tail 2441 View Larger
Terra Cotta 2494 View Larger