Bali Faux Wood-Look Vinyl Vertical Blind

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Bali Vertical Vinyl Premium Faux Wood collection has a wood-look pattern with durable easy cleaning vanes. This product is room darkening and flame resistant. These vanes are the same color front and back. This blind uses the standard Duralite rail, comes with many valance choices and coordinates with premium faux wood blinds.

A new safety standard has been taken into effect limiting the manufacturing of corded blinds in response to fears they could injure or kill children and/or pets by strangulation.
Starting December 15 2018, most products must either be cordless or have shorter, inaccessible cords. Cords will be made 1/3 of the ordered height of the blind, but custom length cords can be requested at the time of order. To avoid order questions, if you need longer cords especially for higher windows, please specify the length controls that will work for you in the order comments box.

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

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Bali blinds from

Vertical Blinds


Cover wide windows in style.

Bali Vertical Blinds provide a comprehensive selection of sheer, fabric and vinyl solutions for wide windows and patio doors.

  • Vinyl Vertical blinds match 2" Vinyl Horizontal blinds for a total-room solution.
  • Select Traditional Verticals blind fabrics coordinate with Pleated, Solar, Roller,Faawood and Roman shade fabrics.

Control types:

Bali vertical controls Easy-to-operate chain mechanism rotates vanes and cord opens and closes the blinds. Available as split stack, one-way stack right and one-way stack left. Control right (standard) or left (optional). Nickel-plated steel hardware provides reliable operation.
Wand touch control

Single wand rotates vanes and traverses the blinds open and closed. Cordless design eliminates dangling cord hazards and is ideal in homes with small children or pets.

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Stack Positions

Vertical blinds stacking right Blinds open from the left and stack on the right.
Stacking Bali Vertical blinds left Blinds open from the right and stack on the left.
Bali vertical blind split stacking Blinds open in the center and stack evenly on both the left and the right.

Valance Options

Bali vertical square corner valance Lightweight, square-cornered valance includes an insert that matches your window treatment in a PVC Stay-Clear™ Channel Panel that is guaranteed not to yellow. Includes two 5 1/2" returns
Round corner valance for Bali vertical blinds Streamlined, round-cornered valance includes an insert that matches your window treatment in a PVC Stay-Clear™ Channel Panel that is guaranteed not to yellow. Includes two 5 1/2" returns. Available as outside mount only.
Double round corner vertical valance for Bali vertical blinds Create a layered look with a double round-cornered valance. Valance includes inserts that match your window treatment in PVC Stay-Clear™ Channel Panels guaranteed not to yellow, plus two 5 1/2" returns and two 4 5/8" returns. Available as outside mount only.
Most of the vinyl vanes are pattern front and white or off white toward the outside for reflective thermal protection. A free sample is always recommended before ordering any product on our web site.

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Tips To Remember:
Use a steel measuring tape
Round down to the nearest 1/8" for width
Round up to the nearest 1/8" for height
See Product Specifications for more specific product info.
Sizes should always be provided in this format: Width x Height
On any measurement given, the factory does have a +/- 1/8 of an inch variance allowance.

Measuring for Vertical or Soft Sheer Verticals

Inside Mount Width
•    Measure the exact width (left to right) of the inside edge of the window frame in three places (top, middle and bottom).
•    Take the smallest of the three measurements to the nearest 1/8 of an inch.
•    The factory will make the correct deduction from the total width to allow for proper installation.  Most manufacturers’ deduct 1/4” from the total width.

Inside Mount Height
•    Measure the exact height (top to bottom) from the top inside edge down to the window sill in three spots across window.
•    Take the smallest of the three measurements.

Outside Mount Width
•    Measure the exact width (left to right) of the wooden or metal window frame (outer edge) OR how wide you want the product to be.
•    For verticals make sure the measurement overlaps the window opening by at least 3" on each side to ensure light control and privacy.
If you want the entire window uncovered when the shade is fully open, you may need to add more than 3" to the width on each side.
Determine if the head rail will be on the molding or above and mark the spot.

Outside Mount Height
•    Measure the top and bottom edge of window frame/trim. If no trim, be sure you provide the height you want the shade to be from top of the head rail to bottom of your desired height.
•    Be sure to allow for coverage for light control and mounting hardware if mounting above window opening to wall surface. You will need 2 inches of surface area to mount above opening.
Measure height to be covered from top of head rail location to top of sill or lower if overlap is desired for light control and privacy. Record measurement, if shade extends to the floor (i.e. to cover a patio door), measure height as described above, and deduct at least ½" for clearance in order for the fabric to clear the floor. Note: The manufacturer makes NO deductions on outside-mount installations.


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