Elegant Faux Wood Broadleaf Shutters

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Based upon a size of 24x36

Elegant Shutters are an imported composite solid faux wood product with expert enameling and product quality. 6-8 week delivery and the price includes delivery. With Broadleaf, elegance is by design. When technology and engineering meet in perfect harmony great products are produced. Broadleaf is constructed to last a lifetime; it will not chip, crack, warp or split. Broadleaf shutters are moisture resistant, antimicrobial, impervious to insects, and fire retardant. Finally, Broadleaf shutters insulating properties helps you save energy.

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Elegant Shutter
Elegants Shutter starts with their Poly Shutter

Poly advantage

Broadleaf? shutters are a beautifully engineered wood substitute shutters, and are manufactured with the best compound and highest technology.  Broadleaf? blends the strength, stability, and precision of man-made materials with the beauty, character, and elegant feel of real wood.

Elegant Worry Free Promise  
Broadleaf Shutters blends the strength, stability and precision of man-made materials with the beauty, character, and elegance of real wood. This one aspect allows Broadleaf Shutters to be among the most functional and durable shutters offerings on the market to-day.
Elegant Shutters guarantees total satisfaction in every home and application.
- More durable, energy efficient, and low maintenance compared to wood shutters
- Engineered Poly material resists yellowing, weathering, and corrosion
- Poly material insulates better than any wood shutters
- Protected by a high UV inhibitor to ensure lifetime durability
- Will not rot, absorb moisture, delaminate, split, chip, crack, or promote mold
- Offers all the benefits of Poly with the look of real wood
- Larger panel stiles and louvers are reinforced, co-extruded with aluminum.

Shutter Terminology
Shutter Terms
Shutter panels where two panels are hinged together in order to fold up together.
A standard frame style where shutters cover the bottom half of the window and the top half are open. Café frames are available in 3-sided or 4-sided.
A horizontal shutter panel component that sepa-rates a single panel into two or more sections that may be opened individually.
Shutter configuration where two panels or groups of panels are mounted separately so they can be opened independently from each other.
Profiles used to frame the window.
For windows that are square, the frame is mount-ed or partially mounted inside the recessed por-tion of the window opening.
A solid cellular profile that rotates for light and privacy control. Louvers are available in 2 1/2?, 3 1/2? and 4 1⁄2 widths.
The rounded cutout in the top shutter panel rail designed to fit the tilt rod. This hole allows com-plete closure of the louvers, providing a superior
A mounting method where the frame is mounted to the wall or outside casing of the window opening.
The top and bottom horizontal framework of the shutter panel.
The distance between the inner-most edge of an outside mount frame and the outside edge of the window opening.
The vertical sides of the shutter panel.
The vertical sides of the shutter panel designed to cover the light- gap where two panels meet. Small lip offers superior light control.
The vertical sides of the shutter panel designed to cover the light-gap where two panels meet.
Profiles used for extra support within a frame system. T-Posts are vertical supports and horizontal t-post are horizontal supports.
The center pole attached to the shutter panel louvers that rotates the louvers open or closed.
Shutter Styles  
Shutter Styles for Elegant  
Shutter Louvers and Colors  
hinge color for elegant shutters  

Shutter Frames
Sill Plates for Shutters  
Mounting options Requirement  
Louver Depth
Outside mount requirements
Divider rail

Additional Divider Rail Info
T-Posts for Shutters  


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Measuring for Window Squareness
To determine the squareness, measure diagonally. If measurements are not equal, consider taking greater deduction on your sizes. If the two diag-onal measurements vary more than 1/2? you should consider an outside mount application.

Direct Mount Squareness
For direct mount, measure diagonally between corners to determine the squareness of the window. If the difference between the two measure-ments is larger than ¼? then an outside mount is recommended.

Measuring for Window Opening Size
Measure the window width and the window height in three different places.
Inside Mount: Take the smallest of the three measurements to determine the width and the height.
Outside Mount: Select the largest of the three measurements to determine the final dimensions of the shutter.

Measuring for Frame-to-Frame
For Frame-to-Frame measurements we will build the shutter unit (panels and frames) to your exact width and height you specify.
Frame-to-Frame measurement should be used when trying to fit a shutter in a locations with obstruction. For example, between kitchen cabinets. You will need to account for the frame for MFF.

Measuring Special Wall and Situations
Bull nose window condition
- For inside mount measure from the flat point inside the window.
- For outside mount measure from the flat point on the wall outside of the window.
- This is considered window size
- The purpose is to make sure the frame will be flat on the wall surface.

- Deco frames, L frames, or hanging strips can be used as outside mount options for Bull Nose wall condition.
- Z Frames or Hanging strips can be used for inside mounts.

- Always use a steel measuring tape for your measurements
-Measure each opening separately, even if they appear to be the same size
-Inside mount: If no frame is required, a Hanging Strip Frame is recommended to reduce all light gaps that will otherwise be apparent around your shutter panel
-Outside mounts: Recommended for window casings that are not perfectly square
-Shutter frames must be mounted securely, into wooden studs or anchor correctly in the drywall.

Mounting Options
Inside Mount

The shutter is mounted inside.

Outside Mount

The shutter is mounted outside


Elegant makes your shutter experience easy and blindsexpress will always service your shutter needs.