Custom Brands Vinyl Core White Eclipse Shutters


Custom Brands(formally M&B) Vinyl Core Eclipse Shutters are made in three sizes 2 1/2, 3 1/2, and 4 1/2 louver sizes. Colors available for this shutter is 136 White, 151 Ivory, 140 Almond and 316 Tan. THESE SHUTTERS ARE MANUFACTURED AND SHIPPED IN 6-7 BUSINESS DAYS versus 4-6 weeks as other custom shutters. All prices include shipping and handling.There are no surcharges for Clearview louvers.

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Any shutter with a height larger than 60 inches MUST have a divider rail. Write the measurement from the bottom of shutter to the center divider rail.If you want it in the center, just state "Center" divider rail.

Check Here Before Ordering Click here for M & B Cellular Specs.

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Measuring for shutters is very critical and many of the same precautions that one would take when ordering a regular blind applies here. For the width, measure in three spots: top-middle-and bottom of the window opening. Place the narrowest of those measurements in the width column on the cart. The Height is measured : left-center-right and put the shortest of those three measurements in the height column on the cart.

The placement of the shutter inside or outside depends on whether you have trim molding around your window opening. If your window has just drywall and no molding you can install inside(with a 2 inch) utilizing any of the "Z" frames. If your window has trim around it or a sill it is always best to call our shutter specialist for help in ordering your shutter.