Our Brand Com Premium Rechargeable Motorized Skylight Room Darkening Fabric 3/8 Double Cell

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Our Brand Motorized Premium Skylight shades look great from any angle. Mounted on a unique track system, These shades can be used vertically, horizontally and even on angles (like skylights) for maximum versatility. These shades are energy-efficient, and insulation is enhanced by the side rail that forms a barrier around the edge of the shades. These shades are child safe with no exposed cords.
This Skylight is our premium life time warranted skylight. It can be made in larger sizes and is a preferred glide rail operation.
This Room Darkening Fabric

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Our Brand cellular shades

Our Brand Premium Motorized Skylight Shade
Solar Charger Now Available!- No Plug in needed

Premium Motorized Skylight Shades  |  Ease, Privacy, Light Control, Convenience and Reliability

  • Open and close your  Skylight Shades with the touch of a button.
  • No more fiddling with cords or manually adjusting each skylight shade to you favorite position.
  • Save on heating and cooling bills and minimize fading of furniture and carpet.
  •  Motorized Skylight Shades are radio frequency controlled. The Simplicity wireless remote control operates individual or groups of shades.Designer Metallic Hardware


All Motorized Skylight Shades come with white side channels and rails.


  • Minimum Width: 18″
  • Maximum Width: 48″
  • Minimum Length: 12″
  • Maximum Length: 72″
  • Inside Mount Applications only.
Nano Wi -Fi and Alexa Enabled

Simplicity Solar Panel Option

The Our Brand solar panels option provide continuous charging in even low-light Northwest facing windows. We are so confident that your shades will be continuously charged under normal usage* that if your battery pack fails to hold a continuous charge, we will refund you the cost of the solar panel, plus provide you a free plug-in charger.

Simplicity motors are backed by a 5 year warranty in conjunction with the Manufactuer Limited Lifetime Warranty.


6200 Winter White View Larger
6201 Ice View Larger
6202 Papyrus View Larger
6206 Glacier View Larger
6208 Pearl View Larger
6214 Pastel View Larger
6224 Beige View Larger
6257 Dark Blue View Larger
6259 Parchment View Larger
6262 Chino View Larger
6265 Basil View Larger
6267 Amber View Larger
6268 Golden View Larger
6269 Dark Brown View Larger
6299 Black View Larger
6280 Rich Pink View Larger
6263 Deep Blue View Larger

Tips To Remember:

Use a steel measuring tape
Round down to the nearest 1/8" for width
Round up to the nearest 1/8" for height
See Product Specifications for more specific product info.
Sizes should always be provided in this format: Width x Height
On any measurement given, the factory does have a +/- 1/8 of an inch variance allowance.

Measure For Skylight Soprano Specialty Shades-Inside Mount Only

Inside Mount Width

•    Measure the exact width (left to right) of the inside edge of the window frame in three places (top, middle and bottom).
•    Take the smallest of the three measurements to the nearest 1/8 of an inch.
•    The factory will take an approximate 3/8 of an inch deduction from the total width (headrail and fabric) to allow for correct installation.

Inside Mount Height

•    Measure the exact height (top to bottom) from the top inside edge down to the window sill in three spots across window.
•    Take the largest of the three measurements.


Installation Instructions