Levolor 2.5 inch Vinyl Textured Blind Plaza Collection

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Levolor 2 1/2" Vinyl Textured Blinds offer room darkening and privacy as a horizontal blind. They coordinate with Levolor Vertical Blinds......Details

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Plaza is a textured vinyl that offers the look of real, rich fabric with added durability and easy cleaning.

Levolor 2.5 inch vinyl

Perfectly Coordinated

Create a perfectly coordinated room by matching texture and finish on your Levolor Vertical Blinds for patio doors and large windows with the same finishes for your average size windows with Textured Blinds.

Available Options

DesignLine - Tailored Valance

  • Coordinates with slat style.

DesignLine - Round Valance

  • Coordinates with slat style.

Traditional Valance

  • Coordinates with slat style.
  • Trim offered in 4 colors.


White - 67171

Off White

Off White - 67172

Warm Grey

Warm Grey - 67173

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown - 67175


Transitional Valance

  • Coordinates with slat style.
  • Trim offered in 4 colors.


White - 67271

Off White

Off White - 67272

Warm Grey

Warm Grey - 67273

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown - 67275


Multiblinds per Headrail

  • Provides the flexibility of raising one blind while keeping the other lowered on extra wide windows or patio doors.
  • Two or three blinds on one headrail are available up to a total maximum width of 144".
  • Minimum innerspace is 1/2" between blinds.
  • Horizontal slat alignment not guaranteed.

Factory Deductions

  Inside Mount Outside Mount
Headrail -1/2" -1/4"
Slat -1/2" 0"
Valance 0" +1"

Size Limitations

  Inside Mount (IM) Outside Mount (OM)
  Minimum Width Maximum Width Minimum Width Maximum Width
Tilt and Lift Controls - Opposite Side 10 1/4" 96 1/2" 10" 96"
Tilt Control in Center; No Lift Control 9 1/2" 10 1/4" 9 1/4" 10"
No Tilt and Lift Controls; Slats in Open Position 6 7/8" 9 1/2" 6 5/8" 9 1/4"



Recomended Cleaning Methods

Routine Maintenance
Periodic dusting will keep the shade looking clean and new. You can clean the blind hanging in place or you can take it down. By tilting the slats down, but not quite closed, you will be able to clean most of the top surface of each slat.

Periodically wipe blinds with a soft cloth, a dusting mitt, or a soft, lightly dampened cloth.

Do not use solvents or abrasive solutions to clean the blind. This will cause damage to the blind which is not covered under warranty.

You may also periodically wipe blinds with the brush attachment from a vacuum cleaner.


Stacking Chart

Blind Height 36" 42" 48" 54" 60" 66" 72" 84" 96" 108" 120"
Stack Height 2 1/2" 2 5/8" 2 7/8" 3" 3 1/8" 3 3/8" 3 1/2" 3 7/8" 4 1/4" 4 5/8" 4 7/8"


Ladder and Cord Count Chart

Blind Width Inside Mount Blind Width Outside Mount Number of Ladders Number of Cords
10 1/2" to 19 1/2" 10" to 19" 2 2
19 5/8" to 33 1/2" 19 1/8" to 33" 3 2
33 5/8" to 45 1/2" 33 1/8" to 45" 4 4
45 5/8" to 57 1/2" 45 1/8" to 57" 5 3
57 5/8" to 69 1/2" 57 1/8" to 69" 6 4
69 5/8" to 81 1/2" 69 1/8" to 81" 7 4
81 5/8" to 93 1/2" 81 1/8" to 93" 8 4


Pearl White 24086029 View Larger
Linen 24086030 View Larger
Alabaster Cream 24086031 View Larger
Ash 24070193 View Larger
Maple 24086033 View Larger
Wheat 24070191 View Larger
Toffee 24070192 View Larger

Tips To Remember:
Use a steel measuring tape
Round down to the nearest 1/8" for width
Round up to the nearest 1/8" for height
See Product Specifications for more specific product info.
Sizes should always be provided in this format: Width x Height
On any measurement given, the factory does have a +/- 1/8 of an inch variance allowance.

Measure For Vinyl Blinds

Inside Mount Width

•    Measure the exact width (left to right) of the inside edge of the window frame in three places (top, middle and bottom).
•    Take the smallest of the three measurements to the nearest 1/8 of an inch.
•    The factory will take an approximate 1/2 of an inch deduction from the total width to allow for brackets and correct installation.

Inside Mount Height

•    Measure the exact height (top to bottom) from the top inside edge down to the window sill in three spots across window.
•    Take the largest of the three measurements.

Outside Mount Width

•    Measure the exact width (left to right) of the wooden or metal window frame (outer edge) OR how wide you want the product to be.
•    Be sure to measure wide enough as to cover the entire window plus offer enough coverage to avoid light or privacy gap. 2 inches past the opening on EACH side is suggested if you do not have molding/trim.
•    An Outside Valance with returns will be wider than the ordered width to accommodate covering the headrail and mount.

Outside Mount Height

•    Measure the top and bottom edge of window frame/trim. If no trim, be sure you provide the height you want the shade to be from top of the headrail to bottom of the bottom rail.
•    Be sure to allow for coverage for light control and mounting hardware if mounting above window opening to wall surface. You will need 2 inches of surface area to mount above opening. Call us for further instruction if needed.

Install Instructions