Bali Basics Roller Shade

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Bali Roller Shade Style Basics is a basic blackout roller shade made of ply fiberglass/ply vinyl. These roller shades are washable and durable. Many of these fabrics have width limits but can be us if your are restricted.

A new safety standard has been taken into effect limiting the manufacturing of corded blinds in response to fears they could injure or kill children and/or pets by strangulation.
Starting December 15 2018, most products must either be cordless or have shorter, inaccessible cords. Cords will be made 1/3 of the ordered height of the blind, but custom length cords can be requested at the time of order. To avoid order questions, if you need longer cords especially for higher windows, please specify the length controls that will work for you in the order comments box.

Priced as low as

Based upon a size of 24x36

Outside mount blinds and shades are installed outside the window casing, covering an area larger than the window itself. 1. Measure the exact width to be covered. Be sure the measurement overlaps the window opening by at least 1 1/2" on each side (3" total overlap) to ensure light control and privacy. * For Solar Shades make sure the measurement overlaps the window opening by at least 3" on each side (6" total overlap) to ensure light control and privacy.

Roller Shades- Solar Specs

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Classic design meets contemporary style.

Choose Bali Roller and Solar Shades for window coverings that are easy to operate, affordable and available in all the newest colors and fabrics. Bali Solar Shades defend your home's interior against glare and harmful UV rays while maintaining your view to the outside. They also provide a stylish way to keep your rooms cool, comfortable and on-trend. Options like bead trim and tassels help make Bali Roller Shades as stylish as they are dependable.

  • Sheer to blackout fabrics provide full range of privacy and light control
  • Select fabrics coordinate with Roman and Pleated shades, Vertical Blinds, Sliding Panels and more.

The standard continuous-loop lift system provides easy operation of window treatments. A powerful clutch lifts the shade and holds it steady without the cord loop changing length. Included safety tension device keeps the cord out of reach of children and pets to eliminate dangling cord hazards.


Note: The design now features a new locking style tension device to restrict the shade/blind operation unless the device is properly mounted to a fixed surface (window frame, sill or wall). This safety enhancement is in compliance with the American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products (effective March 7, 2011).



Ideal for homes with children or pets, the cordless lift system eliminates dangling cord hazards of traditional cord-controlled window treatments. The cordless lift system also provides a cleaner, more orderly appearance. Use only on windows treatments you can raise and lower by hand; choose cord control or motorization for high, hard-to-reach window treatments.

/img/bali-roller/smart-pull.jpg Innovative new lift system lets you raise or lower the shade with a few simple tugs of the control cord. The cord will stay the same length, so it?s perfect for tall or hard-to-reach shades.

Chain type


Plastic or Stainless

Valance options  
/img/bali-roller/cassette.jpg Add a fabric-covered cassette valance to your window treatment to create a unique visual effect. Cassette valances must be ordered at the same time as the shade. If ordering shades for multiple window sizes, please be sure to specify valance size on order to ensure all are manufactured with same size valance.
/img/bali-roller/sq-val.jpg Square-corner valance is coordinated with your window treatment by inserting matching fabric into a PVC Stay-Clear? Channel Panel. Valances up to 192" wide are available should you choose to cover multiple shades with a single valance. Fabric will not be continuous in these instances.

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Tips To Remember:
Use a steel measuring tape
Round down to the nearest 1/8" for width
Round up to the nearest 1/8" for height
See Product Specifications for more specific product info.
Sizes should always be provided in this format: Width x Height
On any measurement given, the factory does have a +/- 1/8 of an inch variance allowance.

Measuring for Roller Shades

Inside Mount Width
•    Measure the exact width (left to right) of the inside edge of the window frame in three places (top, middle and bottom).
•    Take the smallest of the three measurements to the nearest 1/8 of an inch.
•    The factory will make the correct deduction from the total width to allow for brackets and correct installation.  Roller shades have generally large deductions due to the nature of the product (roller and hardware) -PLEASE CALL FOR SPECIFIC FABRIC AND TUBE DEDUCTIONS. Fabric is usually minimally-         1 1/8" or more from ordered width on inside mount .

Inside Mount Height
•    Measure the exact height (top to bottom) from the top inside edge down to the window sill in three spots across window.
•    Take the largest of the three measurements.

Outside Mount Width
•    Measure the exact width (left to right) of the wooden or metal window frame (outer edge) OR how wide you want the product to be.
•    For Solar Shades or Roller Shades, make sure the measurement overlaps the window opening by at least 2" on each side to ensure light control and privacy.

Outside Mount Height
•    Measure the top and bottom edge of window frame/trim. If no trim, be sure you provide the height you want the shade to be from top of the headrail to bottom of the bottom rail.
•    Be sure to allow for coverage for light control and mounting hardware if mounting above window opening to wall surface. You will need 2 inches of surface area to mount above opening. Call us for further instruction if needed.

Installation Instructions